donderdag 29 maart 2012

'Rambler' combines unique travel experiences with gaming

Rambler is taking travel experiences and gaming to a new level. This site wants to inspire you to do challenging and fun things where ever you travel. The idea is that of a scavenger hunt: you have to find or do things, based on your location and you earn points for each experience that you complete. The more points you earn, the higher you end up on the leaderboard. So 'pet a lion in Zimbabwe', or 'light a paper lantern in Chiang Mai'.
These seems like fun things and fit in with the country or destination that you are visiting. Not all challenges seem to be worthy of spending your time on though, but I guess that's just up to the individual traveler to decide on. The 'social' element is very much there as well, as completed challenges can be shared and new challenges can be added by everyone that joins the site. This is a nice way of sharing your memorable experiences with others.
As the site is still quiet new, some destinations still need challenges to be added. The only challenge in The Netherlands so far is having to 'find a gremlin in the basement of a pub in Amsterdam'. This hardly seems to be worth the effort and there are thousands of other things to do, that will give you a better experience of my home country. Belgium still lacks any experiences. Must be that all those people that enjoyed drinking those nice beers they have, have forgotten completely about it by the next day.

Rambler - Find the coolest things to do while traveling the world

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