donderdag 8 maart 2012

VisitEngland introduces 'Holidays at Home are GREAT campaign'

Today VisitEngland introduces it's 2012 campaign to encourage Brits to holiday 'at home'. It's the biggest ever domestic campaign. The campaign is a joint effort by VisitEngland and the national tourist boards of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London. One of the key parts of the campaign are the special deals that are being offered by tourism partners with a special '20.12%' discount.

A staycation means no hassle with the Euro
Even though the campaign only starts today it has already been slammed by ABTA (Association of Britisch Travel Agents). The are saying that the campaign is a misguided use of public money. Read the full article via this link.

The promotional video will be aired today for the first time in the UK. It more or less claims overseas travels are a hassle and that staying 'at home' is less or no hassle. And of course some great British humor as Stephen Fry mentions that you don't have to put up with the Euro. Very funny!

Holidays at Home are GREAT campaign : VisitEngland Corporate Site

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