dinsdag 6 december 2011

Destination marketing with Twitter | via Deep Dish Creative

I have written before on the usefulness of Twitter for destination marketing purposes (see my article 'Citymarketing and Twitter: Using the power of the Hashtag'). The article below by Lara Dickson (@DeepDishCreates) again underlines the use of this social media tool.
On her blog DeepDishCreative, she writes about how Ann Peavey (@SeattleMaven) of Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau uses twitter to keep her following up-to-date on what to do and what's going on in Seattle. Lara notes how useful, engaging and sometimes hilarious Ann's tweets are. What a great story and what a smart way to go about promoting your city. You can read the full story by Lara Dickson via the link below.

Destination marketing with Twitter | Deep Dish Creative

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