woensdag 30 november 2011

How New York City organises its citymarketing

Mayor Bloomberg says in this article "part of my job is tourism". And luring people to New York to spend their euros, reals, and yen is one of the Bloomberg administration’s signature initiatives and outsize success stories. Not only does tourism, at $47 billion a year, make up a bigger slice of the city’s economy (7.36 percent) than ever before, but it is now New York’s fifth-largest industry, ahead of media and fashion and many of the wonderful things that actually bring tourism here. Tourism is the city’s fastest economic-growth sector and a major reason the post-Lehman recession wasn’t much worse here.

Responsible for the citymarketing is NYC & Company. It's a large, full-service marketing, public-relations, and advertising agency whose main source of funding and sole client happens to be the city. The offices of NYC & Company, at 810 Seventh Avenue, are a Bloombergian open-plan playpen that seems more like a tech start-up than home to the city’s tourism brain trust. Inside, 155 staffers divided into thirteen units, some working around the clock in shifts, are busy doing one thing: selling New York.

To read more about the insightful and inspiring way of organizing city marketing check the link to the article below.

How New York Became America’s Top Urban-Travel Destination -- New York Magazine

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