dinsdag 15 november 2011

Staycations: VisitEngland promotes domestic travel

During the World Travel Market last week, James Beresford, CEO of VisitEngland announced a new destination marketing campaign to promote domestic travel in 2012. As Great-Britain hosts the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics, VisitEngland wants to make sure that the domestic market doesn't think that England is either full or expensive and therefore is inclined to travel overseas. The campaign will be designed to encourage people to stay at home (= staycation). Beresford mentions that the value of domestic tourism makes up 80% of the total value spent on tourism and that it would be foolish to ignore the domestic market. The TV campaign wil air in Februari of 2012 and will include interesting discounted offers on a special website. You can watch the interview with James Beresford below.

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