maandag 28 november 2011

Marketing to affluent Chinese travellers: usefull tips

Two weeks ago I was in Paris for the wonderful Paris Photo exhibition. On a Friday night my wife and I visited the fantastic Moulin Rouge show. My wife had seen it before and she was adamant I had to see it as well. And she was right. It was a great burlesque show with beautiful women and some wonderful acts.
But what caught my eye - being a tourism nut - was that half (HALF!!) the audience was Chinese. Not all of them liked the champagne though (bottles were swapped for 4 bottles of coke) and some of the men ended up watching soccer on their smartphones during the show. But to me it was clear: the Chinese traveller has arrived!

The article below by Jens Thraenhart, president of Dragon Trail explains how to prepare and how to market your destination to the affluent Chinese traveller.

Top tips for marketing to affluent Chinese travellers | Tnooz

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