vrijdag 13 januari 2012

The luxury traveler in the new digital world - trend report by Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels have just introduced their new trend report. It shows that the luxury traveler has embraced and is engaging with digital media on a large scale. It also shows that luxury travel brands that do not embrace a holistic digital media strategy will not survive.
Implementing a digital strategy is no longer 'nice to have', but essential in branding and marketing.
Some conclusions: luxury is back, branding moves to the social sphere, e-commerce is king and the iPad rules. To read more about and download the full report, check the following link: The luxury traveler in the new digital world

As the download link in the above article does not seem to work for everyone, you can also try this link: http://www.preview.fourseasons.com/luxurytrendreport/

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